Unified Google Drive app for Windows and Mac expected to be released soon for September

Why are you making this change? Google Drive for desktop will bring together the best and most used features from Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync. This creates a powerful and unified sync client for everyone who uses Drive, whether for business or personal purposes.

Google announced earlier this year that it plans to replace the Google Drive app for Windows and Mac with a unified version. The new app will be based on Drive File Stream, developed for corporate Google Suite users, and should arrive in the coming months, putting an end to the Backup and Sync app.

According to information from the Website XDA Developers, Google will already begin distribution of the new desktop application from next week. However, users will not be forced or asked to make the switch for now. Only from August 18 that notices will be issued informing the need to make the exchange to continue synchronizing the files.

In September, all Windows and Mac users are expected to switch to the new app, as on October 1, the Drive Backup and Sync app will no longer work. It will no longer be possible to log in and you will only be able to sync the files with the new Drive desktop app. This does not affect the files themselves, of course, you will only need to switch apps to view them. For Drive File Stream users, the process is much simpler, as the app has simply been renamed Google Drive for desktop. Users didn’t need to take any specific action for this to happen, and no feature was removed, just added.

Some features will be added, while others will be removed or adjusted. For example, the new Google Drive desktop app supports dark mode, while Backup and Sync doesn’t. The new app can also be integrated into Outlook calendar and Google Meet scheduling and supports real-time co-editing for Microsoft Office files. On the other hand, you won’t be allowed to choose specific folders to sync with Google Drive, although you can choose to stream only the files you need, rather than download them.

FeatureBackup and SyncDrive File StreamDrive for desktop
Use files in My DriveYesYesYes
Use files in shared drivesNoYes, if your plan includes shared drives or you’re invited to a shared driveYes, if your plan includes shared drives or you’re invited to a shared drive
Sync only selected folders in My Drive to your computerYesNo, but you can stream files instead to save disk spaceNo, but you can stream files instead to save disk space
Sync only individual files in My Drive for offline useNoYesYes
Open and store non-Google files like Microsoft Office & PhotoshopYesYesYes
See who’s editing with real-time presence in Microsoft OfficeNoYesYes
Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Meet schedulingNoYesYes
Sync local folders, like Documents or Desktop, to Google DriveYesNoYes
Back up photos and videos to Google PhotosYesNoYes
Back up photos and videos directly to Google Photos instead of Google DriveNoNoYes
Access multiple accounts at the same timeYesNoYes
Upload Apple Photos libraryYesNoYes
Upload from USBYesNoYes
Dark modeNoYesYes
File extensions you can ignoreYesNoNo
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