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History has proven that Science is indeed the feeble stake to innovation as its application is the latter. The worthwhile topic is however a sorrowful experience in the primary and junior high schools in most african countries; as some teachers of the subject fail to impart the practical knowledge due to the unavailability of their requisite material to aid in effective teaching.

This widely known fact has never come up as an advantage to the underserved pupils, as they are graded with the same scale as their counterparts whom were privileged to have access to the requisite materials.

Practical Education Network (PEN) is a science development agency who have over the years studied the development and deviced a strategy to help reduce the lapses in the study of science through teacher engagement and capacity building for quality hands on experience of the student in the classroom.

Teacher training programs at Practical Education Network (PEN) brings to bear hands on practical education inspired with MIT-style; learning by doing presents extremely high capacity building to complement the National Curriculum.

Stemming out of low cost and locally available materials like, rubber and, matches, disposable cups etc that are readily availabel, there is never an excuse for not practicing.

PEN offers a series of workshops where West African STEM trainers learn, design, and share hands-on activities with tranees and participants.

Benefits of Practicalising with PEN.

  • Practical activities with local materials.
  • Directly mapped Manuals & videos to the Ghanaian national curriculum.
  • A workshop with handson experience to expand teacher capacity to impart learning.

 Experience Practical Education Network at a Glance.

About Practical Education Network PEN

 You are just a click away from bringing Pratical Education of Science to your neighbouhood.

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