MTN Ghana memorable milestone in telecommunications in Ghana

MTN Ghana as they have come to be known started off as Westel a full Ghanaian network until it passed on to Spacefone through to MTN of today.

MTN Ghana has come a long way in good and in bad with a lot of tales to tell. Quite a few of their memories is worth capturing as was confessed by the Mobile Telecommunications Network.

MTN Ghana as they have come to be known started off as Scancom in 1994 it changed through acquisitions to Spacefon through to MTNGH (SCANCOM PLC) of today.

First Telecom to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange

MTN adjudged Ghana’s number one company for two years running.

The company with the largest number of Shareholders in Ghana

The first company in the world to use Mobile Money to buy shares


First Operator to launch 4G plus


First mobile operator to offer 4G services and only provider with 4G services available in all region in Ghana.


First company to activate the 15 million subscriber milestone.


Leading tax payer and adjudged the Best Tax payer in Ghana in 2013 and 2014, 2017, 20188 and Platinum Award in 2019.


First mobile operator in Ghana to record 10 million subscribers


First indigenous African company to sponsor the World Cup 2010 (MTN Group)

First to build an ultra-modern switch and data center


First in Africa to introduce Blade Cluster Technology

First to introduce 3G commercial service

First to launch Mobile Money


First telco in Ghana to launch dynamic tarriffing (MTN Zone)


First telco to set up a Foundation in Ghana


First to launch fixed mobile (FWAP)

First to provide telecommunications coverage in all 10 regions and district capitals in Ghana


First to launch electronic recharge


First to launch EDGE in Ghana

First to launch GPRS in Ghana


Spacefon launched the first prepaid service and christened it SNAP


Introduced itemised billing


First to introduce GSM technology in Ghana (with attendant enhanced services like caller ID, call waiting, forwarding, holding, barring and transfer, SMS and conference calls)


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