How to prevent heating damage of MicroSD card reader on the Rog Ally

ASUS points out that heating can damage MicroSD card reader on the Rog Ally. Hear is a remedy.

After several users complained about a problem with the ASUS Rog Ally’s MicroSD card reader, the manufacturer acknowledged the problem and said it is working on a solution. The problem, which may be accompanied by reduced performance or the total inactivation of the feature, seems to be related to the heating of the device, affecting the card reader.

“To alleviate the issue, we will be releasing an update that further adjusts the standard and minimum fan speeds on the device to improve reliability while keeping fan noise in check, as we know this is a concern for many of you,” Asus wrote in a statement on its Discord channel. The company also recommends that those who have the problem should contact the local technical service for repairs to be made.


While ASUS did not specify the core issue, it did indicate a flaw in the laptop’s thermal dissipation system that leads to a malfunction.

Tom’s Hardware portal pointed out a problem in the hardware with the help of the CPPC TEK channel. Apparently, the power supply VRMs for the integrated APU are very close to the MicroSD card reader. Because too much heat is dissipated inside these VRMs, it is causing problems with the MicroSD card reader, leading to possible depletion.

I figured it out! Here’s a solution to save your rog ally sd card reader! Asus come watch!

To remedy the problem unofficially, while Asus has not release the update, CPPC TEK published a video with an interim solution, pointing out that affected users should create a custom fan curve to improve cooling inside the device.

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