Follow these steps to set up Passkeys on Google

Passkeys are a more convenient and safer alternative to passwords. They work on all major platforms and browsers, and allow users to sign in by unlocking their computer or mobile device with their fingerprint, face recognition or a local PIN.

A major advantage of using Passkeys is that they are easier to use than traditional passwords, as they do not require typing in complex combinations of letters and numbers. Instead, Passkeys can be as simple as a single tap or gesture on a device’s screen.

Now you can create and use passkeys on your personal Google Account. When you do, Google will not ask for your password or 2-Step Verification (2SV) when you sign in.

How to set up on Google

To set up a Passkey for your Google account:

  1. Go to your account settings and
  2. select “Security.”
  3. From there, you can select “Signing in to Google,” and then choose “Passkeys” to create your Passkey.
  4. Once created, you can use your Passkey to sign in to your Google account on any device that supports Passkeys.

Passkeys are far more secure than passwords, as they can only be used on devices that have been authorized by the user and they do not transmit over the network, making them less vulnerable to most hacking and interception techniques.

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