Waterfox 2019.10 Release

Waterfox browser is an open-source browser based on Mozilla Firefox, for 64Bit systems. The browser gain traction at a time when there was no official 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows, which is the very gap Waterfox Browser came to fill. Over time the browser has come to gain traction and continue to grow.

New Naming and Versioning

Due to the way the way versioning is changing in the source code Waterfox is based on and the new release channels Waterfox has, it makes sense to switch to a new scheme.

As such, this release from 56.2.14 and 68.0b1 respectively will follow the date versioning system of YY.MM.X where:

YYYY = Digits of year of release
MM = Two digits of the month of release
X = Hotfix

There are also two versions of Waterfox to choose from. One focused on a legacy branch maintaining security and bug fixes and another branch focusing on keeping up to date with the modern web and a fully customisable web browser to go with it. The branches will be named as follows:

Waterfox Classic YYYY.MM.X

This branch is the legacy branch. There are no plans to retire this branch, and is going to be actively maintainted, the same as current.

Waterfox Current YYYY.MM.X

This branch is the modern, feature updated branch.

📝 What’s new in Waterfox 2019.10?

Waterfox Classic

  • Various website rending issues fixed. (Thanks to hawkeye116477)
  • Various media libraries updated, including added support for AV1. (Thanks to hawkeye116477)
  • Various config updates. (Thanks to Peacock365)
  • Launch crashes fixed on macOS < 10.11. Other crashes still remain.
  • Security updates.

Waterfox Current

  • Various config updates. (Thanks to Peacock365)
  • Security updates.

Support Waterfox

If you’d really like to help Waterfox out, please consider using the default search (Bing) with adblock disabled on it, it would be such a huge show of support! The default search is fairly privacy friendly.

More Information