How does Bluetooth Work?

A ton of devices use Bluetooth to communicate wirelessly, but how does Bluetooth work? In this video, we'll dive into the details of how your smartphone sends audio to your wireless headphones. Bluetooth is rather complicated and thus we're going to use a number of analogies and tools to explain it fully.

Android 12 receives function to hibernate apps

With the release of the first trial version of Android 12 which was officially introduced this week, Google has implemented a very interesting feature to save space in mobile phone storage: app hibernation. This is a feature that has been speculated for a while back in January, clues to this function were found in the source code of the first preview version of the software made available to developers; but is now finally available natively...

Google Workspace gets improved alert and user lock

Google announced new changes to Workspace and Google Drive, both strategies aimed at the security of those who use these services. Google Drive enables individuals and organizations to store, share, and collaborate online from anywhere. However, this sharing capability gives space to abuse tools. The "Shared with me" area may end up becoming a mess, a real den of spam. With that in mind, Google introduced the possibility of blocking users