Chrome 67 for Android rolling out with horizontal tab switcher and AR/VR APIs

Chrome 67 for Android rolling out with horizontal tab switcher and AR/VR APIs

Developers will be better suited to create VR experiences and other apps thanks to new APIs in this version. While the standard security and bug fixes are present. There are also several design tweaks, but most still require a flag to enable. This version begins testing the new WebXR Device API as part of Google’s push into web-based virtual reality that allows for unified, platform-agnostic experiences. It supports mobile devices and portable VR headsets like Daydream, as well desktop-connected rigs from HTC and Oculus. Developers can create experiences like 360 degree videos, video presented in virtual surroundings, data visualization, home shopping, art, and games. Related to creating mobile experiences in Chrome 67 is the new Generic Sensor API. Websites can access a mobile…

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Facebook officially introducing Facial Recognition

The social networking site has for long been linked to theories of them using facial recognition in their engagement over some years now. Today the Social networking site has official revealed to its user of their good intentions of making a facial recorgnition feature available to its users in a bid to safeguarding them. Here is what Facebook had to say: We’re always working to make Facebook better, so we’re adding more ways to use face recognition apart from just suggesting tags. For example, face recognition technology can do things such as: • Find photos you’re in but haven’t been tagged in • Help protect you against strangers who use your…

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Microsoft Gaming Competition

Microsoft begins Game Challenge for Game Makers

Dubbed; Dream.Build.Play 2017 Challenge, Microsoft is pushing game makers to maximize their creativity to create experiences that engage gamers from across the world. This competition is open to all creators, working solo or in teams of up to seven.  How to Participate To participate, all team members must register.  Create a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) game for one of the categories below by December 31, 2017, and you’ll have a chance to win cash prizes and share your game with the world. If you’ve already registered, simply visit My Info to create your profile and enter your game. Categories of the Competition Cloud-powered game Grand Prize: $100,000 USD Build a game that uses Azure…

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Apple provides guidelines to ARKit developers

Taking some of the limelight away from Google’s ARCore announcement, Apple has providedvguidelines to developers building ARKit experiences. ARKit is Apple’s new augmented reality framework introduced as part of iOS 11. It combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and display conveniences to simplify the task of building an AR experience. The AR guidelines include five main sections:  Designing an Engaging Experience Entering Augmented Reality Placing Virtual Objects User Interaction with Virtual Objects Handling Problems To design an engaging experience, Apple recommends; using the entire display to engage people, create convincing illusions when placing realistic objects, consider physical constraints, be mindful of user comfort, introduce any motion gradually, be aware of user safety, make use of audio and haptic feedback to…

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