Streaming is a technology used to deliver content to computers and mobile devices over the internet. Streaming transmits data — usually audio and video, but increasingly other kinds as well — as a continuous flow, which allows the recipients to begin to watch or listen almost immediately.
VP9 videos codec

VP9 is an open and royalty-free video coding format developed by Google. It comes as a successor to VP8 and competes mainly with MPEG’s High Efficiency Video Coding. Beginning, VP9 was mainly used on Google’s video platform YouTube. The emergence of the Alliance for Open Media, and its support for the ongoing development of the successor AV1, of which Google is a part, led to growing interest in the format. In contrast to HEVC, VP9...

IROKO establishing subscription centers in Ghana.

Nigerian online movie world has been spotted in vantage points, instituting agencies in kiosk to serve their subscription users. IROKO is an online streaming service targeted at Africans. The platform is preferred for its awesome original TV series, accessible from apps, TV channels other global distribution partnership around the World. At $2.50 per month, english speaking African users are have unlimited access to over 10,000 hours of content in a statement by iROko. The move...


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