Rust (programming language) Rust is a multi-paradigm systems programming language focused on safety, especially safe concurrency. Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but is designed to provide better memory safety while maintaining high performance.
Google announce support for Rust for Android OS Development

Google has announced that the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is adding support for Rust as a development language for the Android operating system. The support is being added to help avoid memory safety bugs in the code. Google advocates the use of managed languages such as Java and Kotlin as the best option for Android app development, because they are designed for ease of use, portability, and safety. The Android Runtime (ART) manages memory...

Microsoft thinking of Replacing Rust

Project Verona seems to be an attempt by Microsoft to build a new language with Rust-like features. What isn’t clear is how serious this is? Are we looking at a potential Rust#? Rust is currently the most innovative and different of the mainstream languages. It isn’t a Java or C++ clone, or C “done right”. It really is an example of a production language being based on an experimental language, Cyclone, and it brings some...

Is Rust the low-level-ish

Rust is the great hope for a safe low-level programming language. This is often expressed in the motto “fearless concurrency”, but who is to say that it really is better. Perhaps it’s just as bad in different ways. New research by Zeming Yu, Linhai Song, Yiying Zhang at Pennsylvania State University and Purdue University aims to find out if Rust’s approach to concurrency really does protect the programmer from making the sort of mistake so...


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