How to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware Attacks

Hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide were hit by the new ransomware called WannaCry (aka WCry, WannaCrypt, Wanna Decryptor, WannaCrypt0r 2.0) which encrypts files on computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and demands payment in the cryptocurrency bitcoin. In order to avoid this global cyber-attack by WannaCry and prevent from ransomware attacks in the future, you should read these tips: 1. Avoid Clicking on Unidentified Links and Opening Suspicious Downloads Ransomware can spread by multiple methods, such as clicking on malicious websites and phishing emails, downloading infected files, etc. Staying alert and never clicking on unidentified links is very crucial. Surfing Protection feature in IObit Malware Fighter can help you detect…

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Protecting your smartphone

Protecting your Smartphone

Protection becomes the next factor after acquiring a smartphone due to the large occupancy of the transparent material used for interaction with the hardware. Research has proven no matter how pitchy the manufacturer is or salesman would tell you how unbreakable the screen is when engaged against a stress force, it can be broken. This means what matters the most is being prudent with your smartphone and securing as best as possible. Oh yes, guard it. 1. Make use of protective accessories. There are an over billion of smartphone accessories to protect your device against damage. Even as they cannot give you 100% protection, they are worth the price you pay to…

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