17 Android Secret Codes

Android is a user centered operating system and as such provides a huge customization freedom to its users just as its root; Linux. Android comes packed with lots of customizations that are easily realized by users whiles others aren’t. Like Easter eggs, enabling developer mode and many others. Loads of awesome secret codes are heavily packed into the operation system. Today we bring you seventeen (17) of them below. *#06# This code is very handy...

1G Connectivity

In the 1970s, the First Generation, or 1G, mobile networks were introduced. These systems were referred to as cellular, which was later shortened to "cell", due to the method by which the signals were handed off between towers.

0G – Mobile Radio Telephone

Wireless connectivity just as any other inventions has a lot to be told. The mobile radio telephone technology or as it is also called 0G, refers to pre-cellular mobile telephony technology in the 1970s. Even though not as swift as today, they laid the foundations for the forthcoming generation of truly wireless mobile telecommunications.