Switch Expressions comes with Java 12

Switch Expressions comes with Java 12

Java 12, the latest six-monthly release of Java, has been released with support for Switch Expressions and the inclusion of the Shenandoah low-pause garbage collector.  There are eight main improvements to the new release, starting with switch expressions. This is still a preview feature, and it extends the switch statement so that it can be used as either a statement or an expression. Whichever form is used, you can use either a traditional or a simplified scoping and control flow behavior. Oracle says that in addition to simplifying everyday coding, the addition prepares the way for the use of pattern matching in the switch statement. Pattern matching is available as another…

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Slydepay; What and How Easy

Slydepay; What and How Easy

Originally outdoored as iWallet in 2011 now Slydepay. Slydepay is an online payment service backed by DreamOval. The payment plartform enable registered users to make and recieve cash payment transactions on the web. Additionally, Slydepay empowers mechants, store owners and individuals to accept payment from other payment processors like Visa, Mastercard and Mobile money processors. Benefits of Slydepay To You (individual) Send and Receive Money Instantly Send money to anyone in Ghana using any of the mobile money networks. Send directly from your LINKED Visa/Mastercard issued from any bank in the world. You can cash out your Slydepay money with any of the mobile money networks in Ghana. Pay Anyone with…

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Stack Overflow analysis assesses ‘incredible’ growth of Python

Stack Overflow analysis assesses ‘incredible’ growth of Python

Python’s profile continues to grow – but at what rate? According to David Robinson, data scientist at Stack Overflow, it has a ‘solid claim’ at being the fastest-growing major programming language. In June, Python became the most visited tag on the developer community site for the first time among high income countries, including hitting top spot in the US and UK and being in the top two almost everywhere else, behind either Java or JavaScript. This is not a cause for celebration just yet – the slowdown on Java can potentially be attributed to the student off-season – but by using the STL model, which can take into account seasonal trends when predicting, Robinson adds it is “clearly on track” to become the…

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Kotlin pops out of Google I/O 17

Kotlin was unveiled in Google I/O 17 by Stephanie Saad  Cuthbertson as the first ever officially supporting programming language for Android. Kotlin is bundled with Community Edition or IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate,  V3.0 of Android Studio, with plugin available for earlier versions, plugin also available for the Eclipse Marketplace and comes along with a Stand alone compiler and support for any Java IDE or editor to build from the command line. You can try your hands on Kotlin and start making the next generation tools and solution. Once you get an idea of what Kotlin looks like, try yourself in solving some Kotlin Koans – interactive programming exercises. If you are not sure how to solve…

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