How to properly dispose off your hard drives

How to properly dispose off your hard drives

Data is valuable. Your pictures, legal documents, chat logs, and even saved video games are all things you wouldn’t want to be public. Today, people generally go to great lengths to protect data, but devices age and don’t last forever. When we need to replace them, we often don’t think about what happens to the data that is still on the drive, and how people might be able to access it. Most computers have a hard disk drive, or HDD, which are disks coated with a magnetic metal layer. They rotate similar to a CD or vinyl record and read by a sensor at the tip of an arm. HDDs are…

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MS-DOS: Need to know

MS-DOS: Need to know Part 1

Now that Microsoft has open sourced MS-DOS it’s a good time to look at filing systems, blocks and the FAT and how they are used. Let’s explore the basics of a DOS – Disk Operating System. There is a big problem with disk drives. No, not the constant running out of space that we used to suffer from, but the deeper computer science and engineering problem of actually making them useful at all. We are so familiar with disk drives being delivered to us in a usable form that it is first necessary to go back to the raw hardware to see what the problem is. In a hard disk drive…

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