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Fuchsia is an open source capability-based operating system currently being developed by Google. It first became known to the public when the project appeared on a self hosted form of git in August 2016 without any official announcement. The source documentation describes the reasoning behind the name as “Pink + Purple.
Google’s Fuchsia breaks Surface – But We still have No Idea what It Is For

Google is often the target of conspiracy theories, but it is the only possible reaction to Fuchsia as there is no explanation as to what it is for, or more precisely what it will be used for. It has now graduated to open source you can contribute to. Why? The Google Open Source Blog says it all, but all isn’t much: “Fuchsia is a long-term project to create a general-purpose, open source operating system, and...

Is Fuchsia destined to replace Android and Chrome

Fuchsia’s existence was akin to a conspiracy theory until Google finally confirmed it at I/O 2019 in May. What does it mean for the rest of Google’s operating systems?  It’s not a secret that despite its omnipresence at the mobile devices front, Android OS has its own share of problems, both as an end user but also as a developer platform. Fragmentation of version releases and their cumbersome updating, instability, security and privacy are the...

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GTech BoosterMonday, May 10, 202118 min

In 2016, there were rumors of Google beginning to work on a new operating system, with speculation at the time being that it could replace Android. Things were quiet until May of last year, when an innovative, but early home screen design was uncovered. Now that we’ve seen it up and running on a Pixelbook, it seems more likely Fuchsia could eventually supplant both Android and Chrome OS. With the resurgence of attention on Google’s...


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