Google Workspace gets improved alert and user lock

Google announced new changes to Workspace and Google Drive, both strategies aimed at the security of those who use these services. Google Drive enables individuals and organizations to store, share, and collaborate online from anywhere. However, this sharing capability gives space to abuse tools. The "Shared with me" area may end up becoming a mess, a real den of spam. With that in mind, Google introduced the possibility of blocking users

Google may delete your account

Starting 1st June, 2021, Google account users who have been absent for more than two (2) years from a google product or have overused their storage space may receive a deletion or wipe of their account. This come from the recent update to their terms of service. Any Google consumer account holder who has been consistently inactive for two years in Gmail, Drive, or Photos will risk getting his/her data wholly wiped off from these...

22 file-share service to use

There come a point in an online life when one needs a way to move large files to download points. Just when you need it here are 21 links of file sharing and hosting service platforms you can choose from. In your moment of need for file sharing and hosting be sure to choose from any below: Dropbox MediaFire Zippyshare Google Drive Box Hightail Depositfiles 4shared SendSpace iCloud OneDrive FileWhopper