EU copyright

Catastrophic EU Copyright Directive Approved

Today the European Parliament has voted in favor of the Copyright Directive, the controversial piece of legislation intended to update online copyright laws for the internet age. When we last reported in the progress of this legislation through the European Parliament welcomed an interim success, in that the directive was referred for further scrutiny and debate of the proposals. This time, however, the vote was a clear majority for the so-called “reforms”, which could have drastic consequences. Julia Reda, the MEP who opposed the legislation and spearheaded the #SaveYourInternet campaign tweeted the result (438 for the motion versus 226 against it with 39 abstentions) and presented the breakdown of the vote:…

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GDPR need to know

GDPR: Need to know

Privacy on the web and the technology space has been a tussel for years. Countless of issues have risen and fallen whiles others have risen and made history in the books of privacy of the world forever. Not very much of programes over the years have come to play with in a bid to establishing a plane field with strong rules that enforces the respect of a user’s privacy, one attempt at this was or is the Data Protection Directive. The DPD has not been updated since 1995 and over time allowed data collection, moving of data, transfer of data and targeting of data. General Data Protection Reglation is an adopted…

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