Huawei and the trade feud

There has been many trade wars till date, the current highlight being that involved with Huawei. In this docuvideo we feature ColdFusion’s documentary on the subject. More Information The Power of Innovation: From Made In China to Created In China Don’t believe everything you hear, come and see us an open letter to the US media Huawei overtakes Apple in global smartphone shipment

Hongmeng, Huawei’s Mists-of-Chaos

Huawei needs a new mobile operating system and is busy trademarking HongMeng, but what more can we say about it other than its name? Faced with sanctions that means it can’t make use of Google’s version of Android, what is a phone manufacturer to do but create their own replacement. Sitting on the sidelines we all want Huawei to innovate and create something completely new – after all it couldn’t be worse than Android, which...