23 Speed test services to use

How fast is your connection?. Just when you need to assess yours here are twenty-three services to help you achieve that. Fast Speedtest Spectrum xfinity Speedcheck Speakeasy Verizon Cox Centurylink Broadbandnow Broadbandspeedtest Wirefly Which Projectstream Telstra Risebroadband Wavebroadband Mybroadband Highspeedinternet Adslthailand Testmy Bandwidthplace

Glo Ghana Data Blackout

13 – 14 February would go down in history as a bad omen days for the tech giant as due to a suspected sabotage the telco’s data services got blackout. Users could identify fine data connections to the network yet, no packet moved an inch till 15 February. Our checks confirmed this happening as customers troop in with call and in person visits to the telecom giants customer care offices around the country only to...

3G Connectivity

Internet3G Connectivity

3 August, 201516 min

3G connectivity of mobile telecommunications technology popularly known as 3G is an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) specification that promised an increase in bandwidth of up-to 384kbps.

How to setup internet on an Android device

Android is an operating system that put much demand on connectivity to the internet. Being behind the dead end is something everyone wish to avoid, except it is not always the case; especially when the device would not auto detect your network providers settings.

Introducing: Tecno N3

ReviewsIntroducing: Tecno N3

10 January, 20138 min

The device with debuted with the Android Gingerbread (2.3) flavor at the time had a black interface shell with a changeable with up-to eight (8) different colors. It has a dual mini sim with a 3g and 2g network provision.