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This is in fact the biggest draw for Superbird, ensuring that no data is sent when you access a site, install an app, or have a problem. Superbird Browser comes with DuckDuckGo as its default search engine. Because there is no adware, Superbird’s performance is awesome.

If you are eager to replace your Chrome browser with one that looks and operates the same but without the unwanted data share that occurs between your computer and Google, look into Superbird. It is easy to use, free, and offers a very familiar, intuitive interface for quick browsing. It also runs much faster than most other alternative browsers and has no bloat to slow your browsing down like some other Chromium-built alternatives.

Superbird Browser Experience
More Information
  • Superbird for Windows PC
  • Superbird for Windows Portable
  • Superbird for Mac OSX
  • Superbird for Linux 64bit .deb
  • Superbird for Linux 64bit .rpm
  • Superbird for Linux 32bit .tgz
  • DebianSuperbird for Debian
  • Superbird for Linux 32bit .rpm
  • Superbird for Linux 32bit .tgz 
  • Superbird for Ubuntu


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