Gone are the days where students tell their parents; “Mom, the heavy downpour destroyed my exams results”  when they known somewhere  in their heads they deliberately allowed that to happen in other  to evade punishment.

SmartResults put the results of students securely in the virtual world, making results available 24 hours 7 days a week to parents and guardians.

School authorities can easily manage and compile student results without hassle as entry fields are configured with required formulae allowing teachers and lectures to speed up work 5 times the traditional way.

Billing information for a term and arrears tracking all in one place enabling school authorities and parent/guardians to effectively know in real-time how their commitments a fairing.

The system’s built-in analytics help school authorities to make informed decisions through analysis of the school performance information over time.

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Smart Result

I guess the question you would ask then is; How do I get to use SmartResults?.

  • STEP 1: Select your preferred package (Basic Plan, Standard Plan and Premium Plan). Note: all plans comes with a free 4 month trial periods.
  • STEP 2: Visit and choose a plan. Follow the setup procedure to create your account.
  • STEP 3: Login into and start adding Students and Classes. 

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