Review Guidelines

Providing the most useful information to our users is of importance to GTech Booster; reviewing products/services is a part of this adventure. We do it on our on accord, however if you wish to get yours to us for the next review, you may put in a request.

Some signals you should know

  • We accept gadgets, apps, extensions, fine tech and other products worth reviewing to our users.
  • The review request must be your own or one you have control over. We don’t accept demo, trial and test version for review as stability and security of the product being shared with our users is our top priority.
  • The products and services that target our audience will be prioritized. Don’t send us the review request if it’s just for promotional purposes, such requests will be rejected.
  • It should fulfill the quality standards and should be in coherence with GTech Booster.
  • For gadgets and other products that will be shipped to us, we need 2 weeks as we test them accordingly and our aim is to provide complete and accurate information to our readers.
  • The gadgets must be sent with the complete specification, manufacturing and pricing details.
  • We don’t accept monetary favors. We are honest. Don’t send us review requests if you intend to put your words in our mouth for we do not tow that road.
  • In case it’s a computer software or mobile app, we give priority to free and open source products.
  • We are pleasant people, so don’t expect any bashing and tear-down (we’ll rather decline your review requests).

That’s it, if you are still here, Request a review below.