Researching is the deep or detailed study of a subject in other to discover new facts or uncover new facts and secrets to get to know it more.

It is also the process of inquiring or outsourcing for new ideas and information on particular subject. Now a days, the internet is the richest source of information in the world. This is due to the global acceptance of the Internet for daily activities. All you need are the following;

  • A computer set or a smartphone.
  • An I.S.P (Internet Service Provider).
  • A reliable search engine.


  • A mobile phone with SMS enabled feature (via Text Engine.) Text Engine brings you the richness of the entire Web by text message. 
  • A Telecommunications company (TELCO) and
  • The availability of that particular subject information online.

In the case of wanting or looking for specified results or information, one need not to rely on only one (1) search engine. Rather get yourself at least one (1) Specialized search engine {ie. a search engine that is focused only on your particular subject.} And a General purpose search engine. {ie. search engines that provides the public with all kinds of information.}.

What to do

When you land on the search engine web page, just type your query into the search engines query box. Then click on search.

For instance, you want to search for “Way to The Top”. Just type “way to the top” into the query box then click the search tab. And there you go, a whole lot of results.

Note; Not all the results are perfect and in most cases the results that appears are 99% accurate.

This is because the results rendered depends on the availability of the information you seek and how accurate or certified it is. So I guess now you know the remaining 1% is your decision.


In other to get 40% of dependable results;

  • Always use ‘ ‘ OR ” ” to quote your queries.
  • Use certified search engines such as;
  1. Google search
  2. Bing
  3. Duckduckgo   and
  4. many others.

Factors that influence a search result

  1. The number of websites and pages containing information about your query.
  2. The sites with the most updated information on your query.
  3. The authenticity of the website or page in providing search results or web contents and some other technical.

Now you know; the next time you lack an idea, just search the online resources to acquire that information.