GitLab receives update along with security scan policies

Another worthy improvement is to the GitLab Kubernetes agent. This provides a secure connection between a Kubernetes cluster and GitLab. Until now, you could only push to a cluster from the same project where the Kubernetes Agent was registered using the CI/CD Tunnel. In GitLab 14.3, the Agent can be authorized to access entire groups, meaning that every project under the authorized group has access to the cluster without the need to register an agent for every project.

Microsoft and Qualcomm release cheaper kit for developers

Qualcomm Technologies announced on Monday 24 a partnership with Microsoft to create a kit for developers, kind of miniature PC intended for testing and optimization of applications created by independent software vendors. The main goal is to create ARM64 apps for PCs powered by Snapdragon processors. On Qualcomm’s website, Miguel Nunes, senior director of product management, explains that “this developer kit offers an affordable alternative to other consumer and commercial devices.” Cheaper, and with a smaller desktop configuration, the tool...