ProgrammingMamp or Wamp

24 April, 20173 min

Mamp or Wamp is the question most newbies in web development ask themselves when at the state of selecting a local server or “localhost” for to aid in the test of their development.

Mac users go for the Mamp whiles the Windows users patronize the Wamp.
Mamp is an acronym for Macintosh Apache MySQL and PHP whereas Wamp stands for Windows Apache MySQL and PHP accordingly.


MAMP Server works on MAC Operating System only and open-source. MAMP offers Apache as a web server, MySQL as its database management system and PHP as its object-oriented scripting language.


WAMP is also open-source and is a server for the Windows platform, utilizing Apache as a web server, My SQL as a relational database management system and PHP as the object-oriented scripting language.

It is worth knowing that; WAMP and MAMP are not for production purposes but rather a general usage environment ideal for testing your codes until you deem it worthy for deployment. Keep note of that.

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