How to Make your Lastpass password stronger

Most people know you shouldn’t be saving all your passwords in an Excel file on your hard drive, so instead, they use simple and easy-to-remember passwords.

Ironically, you can make a case that using the same weak password for all of your accounts is even worse than using an unprotected Excel file!
The solution, of course, is to use a password manager. One of the most popular is LastPass, but there are plenty of alternatives out there.

But just logging all of your weak passwords in LastPass isn’t enough. Your accounts will still be vulnerable. To ensure all your account passwords are rock solid, why not make use of LastPass’s built-in password generator?

Generating a Secure Password With LastPass

If you’re using the LastPass browser extension, generating a secure password is easy. First, expand the extension’s options by clicking on the extension’s icon. Then, select Generate Secure Password to launch the tool. By default, LastPass offers you a 12-character code. However, to make your password rock solid, you need to adjust the parameters.

Click on Advanced Options, and you can refine the password. You can set the length, whether to use non-letters (such as exclamation marks and percentage signs), and specify the minimum amount of numbers to include.
There are also settings which will make your password more memorable (if slightly weaker).

They include the ability to make the new code pronounceable, whether to include uppercase and lowercase letters, and whether to avoid ambiguous characters (such as a lowercase “L” and an uppercase “I”).

To access the same tool from your LastPass account, go to More Options > Advanced > Generate Secure Password.