Is Tonaton loosing it?

Tonaton once upon a time was the name on the lips on every Ghanaian lip when it comes to classifieds. Encouraging meet up transactions and helping its users exchange their goods for money.

Those times is seemingly fading away, perhaps because of competition like OLX, MyJoy Marketplace, Afromarket and the many many that have sprung up in their times of success.

The people don’t like saying but The Republic of Ghana has lots of creative people but for some reason the most, often stuck themselves to other people’s ideas until it get bricked. Some signs are the Com Centers, Space to Space to name a few.

My last time on the service fetched nothing, not even after purchasing one of their premium package. A call from a prospect would have been comforting. Not to talk of the absence of a logout button which flout on the user’s ability to logout of the account.

Third party ads have begun cropping onto the site which brings up the question; Is Tonaton loosing it?. Share your thoughts in the comment section if you have any.

Sweet selling times of Oct 11, 2013