IROKO establishing subscription centers in Ghana.

Nigerian online movie world has been spotted in vantage points, instituting agencies in kiosk to serve their subscription users.

IROKO is an online streaming service targeted at Africans. The platform is preferred for its awesome original TV series, accessible from apps, TV channels other global distribution partnership around the World.

At $2.50 per month, english speaking African users are have unlimited access to over 10,000 hours of content in a statement by iROko.

The move to launch the subscription service comes after iROKOtv co-founder and chief executive officer Jason Njoku said in April this year that he was “dismantling” what had predominantly become a “multi-million dollar freemium service with 95% free and 5% paid for at $5 (for three month subscriptions).”

But the company’s move to launch its international content package also comes about as it targets becoming one of Africa’s top five pay TV providers.

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