VP9 videos codec

InternetVP9 videos codec

24 July, 20206 min

VP9 is an open and royalty-free video coding format developed by Google. It comes as a successor to VP8 and competes mainly with MPEG’s High Efficiency Video Coding. Beginning, VP9 was mainly used on Google’s video platform YouTube. The emergence of the Alliance for Open Media, and its support for the ongoing development of the successor AV1, of which Google is a part, led to growing interest in the format. In contrast to HEVC, VP9...

Pale Moon goes to v28.10.0

Pale Moon Browser has received updated fixes to to its last known version from May v28.9.3 (2020-05-08). Below are details of the the new update. v28.10.0 (2020-06-05) This is a development, bug fix and security update. Changes/fixes: Implemented URLSearchParams‘ sort() function Implemented ES2020 globalThis for web compatibility Improved our WebM media parser to be more tolerant to different encoding styles. Improved our MP3 media parser to be more tolerant to different encoding styles and particularly...

23 Speed test services to use

How fast is your connection?. Just when you need to assess yours here are twenty-three services to help you achieve that. Fast Speedtest Spectrum xfinity Speedcheck Speakeasy Verizon Cox Centurylink Broadbandnow Broadbandspeedtest Wirefly Which Projectstream Telstra Risebroadband Wavebroadband Mybroadband Highspeedinternet Adslthailand Testmy Bandwidthplace

Glo Nigeria Data Plans 2020

Below are Globacom Nigeria’s oxygen package offerings on their 4G LTE network for Glo Nigeria subscribers. Daily and Weekly Plan: Price – (NGN) Volume (+ 100% Bonus) Validity Days USSD Code 200 32MB 1 *777# 100 105MB 1 *777# 200 350MB 2 *777# 500 1.05GB 14 *777# Daily and Weekly Plan Monthly Data Plans: Price – (NGN) Volume (+ 100% Bonus) Validity Days USSD Code 1000 2.5GB 30 *777# 1500 4.1GB 30 *777# 2000 5.8GB...

Firefox 77 gets devtool update

Mozilla has launched  Firefox 77 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It brings faster JavaScript debugging, optional permissions for extensions and a couple of new web platform features. Mozilla has been successful at sticking to its 4-week release cadence for Firefox, which is why our coverage of new versions has jumped from 69 to 77. Sorry for the gap but as this release has improvements for JavaScript developers it seemed a good one to look at. The...

W3C standardize IoT

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has announced official recommendations for Web of Things Architecture and Web of Things Thing Descriptions. They are designed to make it easier to integrate across Internet of Things platforms and applications. The thinking behind the new recommendations is to bring some standardization to the web-level descriptions of Things. The two baseline specifications cover the overall Web of Things (WoT) conceptual framework, and Things themselves. W3C says it’s the equivalent of index.html...

Reasons for 4 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Nightly, Developer Edition, and Beta add to the options for which version of Firefox you can test and run. These “release browsers” can be very helpful for knowing what’s coming in the future, and participating in creating new web technology. Safari, Chrome, Edge and other browser also have pre-lease versions. Jen Simmons explains which is which, what are the differences, and where to find them.

FSF to launch free hosting

InternetFSF to launch free hosting

29 February, 202013 min

Free Software Foundation intends to launch a “fully free” public code hosting and collaboration platform this year. Rather than creating a new forge, it is going to adapt an existing one with Fedora Pagure currently the front runner. The idea of establishing another code hosting platform to complement the FSF’s existing Savannah software forge was included in an end-of-year blog post by Ruben Rodriguez who explained: We know that many software projects and individual hackers are looking...