Zoom launches hardware line for hybrid work

Traditional offices are evolving and adapting, and our goal is to empower the workforce to accomplish even more by shortening the boundaries between voice and video. Appliance features a selection of hardware for Zoom Phone specially developed by Poly and Yealink. They remove barriers and enable a powerful communication experience," .

Chrome 91 released with improvements to the File Access System and WebOTP APIs

Chrome 90 went live about a month ago, with support for the new Augmented Reality APIs and AV1 encoder, along with other things. Chrome 91 has followed suite to users, bringing improvements such as a more efficient File Access System API and support for automatic transfer of unique passwords (OTP) by SMS to cross-origin iframes on the web. The WebOTP API has been improved to support the transfer of SMS OTPs to cross-origin iframes. Google...

How does Bluetooth Work?

A ton of devices use Bluetooth to communicate wirelessly, but how does Bluetooth work? In this video, we'll dive into the details of how your smartphone sends audio to your wireless headphones. Bluetooth is rather complicated and thus we're going to use a number of analogies and tools to explain it fully.

Google Workspace gets improved alert and user lock

Google announced new changes to Workspace and Google Drive, both strategies aimed at the security of those who use these services. Google Drive enables individuals and organizations to store, share, and collaborate online from anywhere. However, this sharing capability gives space to abuse tools. The "Shared with me" area may end up becoming a mess, a real den of spam. With that in mind, Google introduced the possibility of blocking users

Google fined $123 million for violating antitrust laws of European Union

According to the regulator, Google has not allowed Electric Power Solutions Company Enel X (A member of the Enel Group created by the Italian government in 1962, and privatized in 1999, though its biggest shareholder is currently Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance.) to develop an Android Auto version of its JuicePass app, a service that helps users find gas stations for their electric cars.