HealthTrace redefining HealthCare in Ghana.

Not too long ago patients visiting hospitals go through cumbersome procedures of registering at the Patient Administration Department (PAD),  gets a card and a folders assigned to him or her which forever becomes the health identity of the patient.

Patients on their next visit presents their card to the PAD health staff who then searches for the registered folder of the patient from the Patient Records Filing room. This process could take hours before retrieval of the patients record, often times victims of this cumbersome procedure are billed with new folders to quicken their access to healthcare resulting in duplication of folders.

The worst happens when the Patients Records filing room gets flooded, infested by pests or raided by fire. All health records of patients are gone. Resulting in a huge quantume of chaos in the healthcare delivery Chain.
HealthTrace, an enterprise health management information system, strikes out these issues affecting the healthcare delivery chain in the country.

The comprehensive solution covers the entire healthcare delivery chain and works on all kinds of health facilities in the world, bringing to bear paperless efficiency in healthcare delivery.

The enterprise solution caters for every department in the health delivery chain, power packed with over 30+ modules that effectively removes all the bottlenecks in traditional healthcare and empowering health institutions to deliver quality health to patients whiles comprehensively overseeing all the happenings in the facility from a click.

Taglined; Better Results, Smart HealthCare – HealthTrace is transforming the traditional manual health delivery into Smart efficient HealthCare delivery.

Patients visiting HealthTrace equipped facilities testifies of 50x quicker healthcare delivery whiles Facility owners and managers testifies of swift reports delivery, one click claims generation, and over 700% return on investment (ROI).

Analysis made considering all factors in delivery. By GTech Booster

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