Google requests to work with Huawei

Google has applied to the US government for permission to continue to provide the Chinese smartphone provider Huawei with its services.  Android and Google Play vice-president Sameer Samat has revealed that Google has applied to the U.S. government for permission to resume business with Huawei whiles speaking to DPA.

However, Google manager Sameer Samat did not provide information on Monday when a decision on the application could be made. In November last year, Microsoft was granted a license to export mass-market software to Huawei, after which the Chinese company resumed shipping notebooks with Windows.

After Huawei was blacklisted by the US government in mid-May 2019, the Chinese company has to do business without Google apps such as Google Play Store or GMail on its new smartphone models. Due to the trade ban, Huawei new smartphone cannot get Play Protect certification, which is required to install Google application such as Play Store and other.

Huawei also lost access to Google’s Play Store for new devices and has to set up its own infrastructure for this. Huawei turned in-house and came with App Gallery platform which has at least significant apps for users and appealing to developer with the new Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) core; a replacement for Google Mobile Services (GMS) core.

Huawei recent launched Mate Xs phone on Monday is coming globally and sold without Google apps. Among other things, the hinge mechanism of the new Mate XS model has been completely revised, said Richard Yu, head of the Huawei consumer division. Originally, the presentation was to take place at the MWC mobile phone trade fair in Barcelona, ​​which was canceled due to the danger posed by the corona virus pandemic.

For Huawei smartphone models that came on the market before May 2019, there is still a kind of grace period in which Google can at least partially cooperate. Huawei can access the open source version of Google’s Android and security updates regardless of the US boycott, but the company is already working on its own operating system.

Google warned users of Huawei devices last week that versions of apps from the Internet company downloaded from other sources were not working reliably. When asked, Samat did not comment on whether the applications on devices that were not officially approved should be completely blocked on the server side.

The White House recently emphasized the tough course towards Huawei, especially when it comes to the Group’s involvement as a network supplier in 5G development. At the same time, there is also concern in the US technology industry that the embargo could fuel the development of Chinese alternatives to US software and platforms.

This new development means if Google gets approval from the U.S. government, future Huawei phones could come with Google Mobile Services (GMS), PlayStore and its applications such as Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail, and more. However, would Huawei oblige?

Huawei Mate 30 series was the first one to launch solely on HMS, followed by Huawei Mate Xs, Honor View30 Pro and Honor 9X Pro and more. Huawei commits to growing the HMS app ecosystem to a vast level.

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