Google releases latest YouTube Original with first episode free via Assistant

With the announcement of YouTube Premium earlier this month, Google is planning more original content for its subscription service.

The latest YouTube Original is arriving next week and cleverly being promoted through the Google Assistant.

Impulse is based on the “Jumper” science fiction series by Steven Gould, with the first book adapted into a movie in 2008. The drama is directed by Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow directory Doug Liman. As an advertisement, users can talk to Google Assistant to stream the first episode for free.

Logistically, the show created an Action on Google which can be invoked by saying “Hey Google, talk to Impulse.” After launching the Assistant app, users will be asked to enter a password, “Henry” in this case.

A media card that can be tapped to open YouTube then loads, with the Action also offering to send you the link via email.

When talking to the Action on Google Home, the latter option is the only way to get the link, with the app asking to access your email address. It’d be more convenient if it you could Cast the show immediately to a connected television.

This promotion is interesting and reveals one promotional use case for Google Assistant apps. It’s one possible avenue for Google to eventually monetize Assistant and its smart speaker platform.

The company is reportedly working on a ‘How To’ video format for Assistant and third-party brands.