Facebook officially introducing Facial Recognition

The social networking site has for long been linked to theories of them using facial recognition in their engagement over some years now.

Today the Social networking site has official revealed to its user of their good intentions of making a facial recorgnition feature available to its users in a bid to safeguarding them.

Here is what Facebook had to say:

We’re always working to make Facebook better, so we’re adding more ways to use face recognition apart from just suggesting tags. For example, face recognition technology can do things such as:
• Find photos you’re in but haven’t been tagged in
• Help protect you against strangers who use your photo
• Tell people with visual impairments who’s in your photo or video
You control face recognition. This setting is on, but you can turn it off at any time, which applies to features we may add later.

Sounds like the latest offering of the classical ranking devices of Samsung Galaxy S9-S9+ and iPhone X- X+ have open up new possibilities for facial recorgnition for the next decade and over.

Lets see what IoT, AR, VR and their lovely buddies have to offer in the coming days as developers are constantly baking for more lovely way to better our world.