Eclipse IDE recieves Java 16 Support

Eclipse IDE has recieved its first update of the year. The update concentrates on improvements and Java support, with minor improvements for other languages. Eclipse IDE is a very popular among desktop development environment with a popular download of over 2 million times per month. The IDE is the critical development environment for more than 4 million active users.

The main improvement to the Eclipse IDE is support for Java 16, including records, pattern matching for Instance of, and sealed classes. the support for sealed classes is a preview feature in Java 16; they are not enabled by default.

The editor has been improved with new quick assists. There’s a quick assist that creates a try-with-resources block with the expression assigned to a resource variable. The variable type and name can be selected from suggestions provided by the assist.

Other new quick assists help developers to create permitted class or interface declarations.The created type will declare the sealed type as its super type and it can be declared as final, non-sealed, or sealed with the available quick fixes for further inheritance control

The Clean Up preferences has a new tab named Java Feature. This lists the clean up options to make sure your code conforms to the latest Java version. Relevant clean up options from other tabs have also been moved to this new tab. The clean up options include converting separate catch clauses to multi-catches, and replacing plain comparator instances with a lambda expression alternative.

A new clean up has been added that removes useless indentation when the opposite workflow falls through. When several blocks fall through, it reduces the block with the greatest indentation. It can negate an if condition if the else statements fall through.

Another improvement means developers creating plugins now have the choice over whether to include or exclude bundles from the Target Definition view. 

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