dtSearch indexer Adds SQL

There’s a new add-on for dtSearch’s Database Indexer that extends the options so it works with SQL, including on Azure and AWS.

The dtSearch indexer add-on could already index over a terabyte of text in a single index, spanning multiple online and offline data repositories. The indexer can be used to create and search any number of indexes, and can perform incremental updates without locking out searches during index updates.

The database indexer supports efficient multithreaded searching, with no limit on the number of concurrent search threads.  Federated searching can span any number of databases, directories and email repositories, including integrated relevancy ranking across both online and offline data. There’s an SDK for the dtSearch Engine that makes dtSearch’s indexing and searching technology, as well as the dtSearch document filters, available to developers through C++, Java and .NET, including native .NET Core APIs. 

An independent company, dtSearch UK, distributes the dtSearch product line in the UK and more broadly in Europe and also develops and markets add-on dtSearch products. dtSearch UK’s new Database Indexer add-on extends the reach of dtSearch’s Windows products to enable SQL indexing with no programming required.  The SQL data can be local or remote, including on Azure or AWS.  After indexing with dtSearch UK’s Database Indexer, dtSearch’s existing products can search across the entire SQL database, or just across specific SQL metadata fields.  Without dtSearch UK’s Database Indexer, indexing and searching SQL data requires using the dtSearch Engine SDK working through the C++, Java or .NET/.NET Core APIs.

“What the Database Indexer does is to extend dtSearch’s instantly responsive fuzzy searching, phonic searching, relevancy ranking, synopsis options and the like to the SQL database. The result is an easy to deploy, high availability SQL search system.”

Ray Harris, CEO, dtSearch UK, said:

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