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14 June, 20174 min

Buying on the web from our side of the world has been extremely difficult. Especially when PayPal has chosen to be selective in their dealing with other countries knowing well the height of product and services purchase deprivation it is causing most countries on the continent of Africa.

Visa cards are spread out on then continent buy however with unfriendly charges from majority of the banks issuing them. Few of the banks are friendly on these charges and as such carries mostly the buyer force of the Visa cards category.

The demerit of using debit or credit cards are the uncertainty of how much a particular merchant quantifies their exchange rate system; which rips off most online buyers on a daily basis.

Kikuu has removed this hampering boundary by connecting buyers to merchants on the globe through Mobile Money payments which is almost on every subscriber line on the continent with a daily new subscriber capturing. Kikuu functions as a mobile application available for Android and iOS where user register for accounts and start their shopping journey.

Kikuu provides a money back guarantee within three days of receipt of items offering buyer an avenue of satisfaction is guaranteed. Their customer service lines are constantly active with reps on standby to assist you in your shopping journey. Kikuu is currently available in Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon and Congo Democratic.

What makes Kikuu ideal

  1. Kikuu is constantly updating by the second.
  2. Daily and weekly discount always on the move to less the load of your cash flow.
  3. You can refer friends to the service in exchange for coupon token for shopping.
  4. You get quality goods.
  5. Prices are reasonable all the time.
  6. Always available customer support.
Enjoy your shoping on Kikuu.

Download your Kikuu for Android or iOS.

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