Bisa App

BISA Health Application

Healthcare is a basic amenity which everyone should be able to access. The folks at Oasis Websoft in their quest to contribute to this cause has unveiled their BISA Health Application. BisaApp as it is fondly called is a smartphone application named after a Ghanaian Akan word meaning “Ask”. BisaApp as the name Bisa denotes, enable questions to be asked by people virtually from everywhere around the globe with access to the application, a subscriber number and an internet connection through a smartphone. The aim of this application is to allow smartphone users to directly interact with medical practitioners without being physically present at a health facility. This is to remove…

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Researching is the deep or detailed study of a subject in other to discover new facts or uncover new facts and secrets to get to know it more. It is also the process of inquiring or outsourcing for new ideas and information on particular subject. Now a days, the INTERNET is the richest source of information in the world. This is due to the global acceptance of the Internet for daily activities. All you need are the following; A computer set or a smartphone. An I.S.P (Internet Service Provider). A reliable search engine. OR A mobile phone with SMS enabled feature (via Text Engine.) Text Engine brings you the richness of the entire…

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GA Scheduler

GA Scheduler – generate optimal timetables

A timetable can be interpreted as an arbitrary sequence of events. To every event a certain number of time intervals are assigned, each having a starting and an ending. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a type of EA and is regarded as being the most widely known EA in recent times. Scheduling is widely used in schools, colleges and other fields of teaching and working like crash courses, training programs, and other situations of the world where delegation is necessary.   Even though most college administrative work has been computerized, the lecture timetable scheduling is still mostly done manually due to its inherent large and high constraints. In certain cases, perfectly designed…

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TEC 2016 Hackathon

TEC 2016 Hackathon Contest

TEC 2016 Hackathon, the maiden edition of the Technology Executive Conference (TEC Innovate) organised by LeadOne Africa took place on the 16th of July, 2016 at the UPSA Campus Legon. The contest saw five (5) tetiary institution in Ghana compete for the Hackathon reward. The competing institution  were; Regent University (Team Coder and Team Geez), Pentecost University (Team Pentec and Team Brain-Tech), Central University (Team Levites), Wisconsin University and KNUST (Team Logic). At the close of the TEC 2016 Hackathon, the judges of the contest adgudge Team Brain-Tech from Pentecost University as the winner of the event after they presented their campus Informer application. whiles Team Code of Regeant University emerged…

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Double Data Rate

The present day RAM is built on the Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory using the Double Data Rate specifications and hence they are called SDRAM of DDR1, DDR2, DDR3  and the latest DDR 4 versions. They work on the basis of double pumping, dual pumping or double transition process. They are able to provide two data transfer for each clock cycle. The first in the category of RAM is the DDR or DDR1 RAM. DDR or DDR 1 belongs to the first generation in the SDRAM technological evolution. It is characterized by enhanced prefetching, strobe based data bus, double transition clocking, low voltage signalling, Stub- series Terminated logic-2 etc. Comes with…

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