5G Spectrum Sharing – Ericsson spectrum sharing

This podcast brings to bear how 5G spectrum is allocated between 4G and 5G in the best, most dynamic way with Dr Sibel Tombaz and Hannes Ekström on the latest development withing Dynamic Spectrum Sharing. What’s happened during the last year, is it in use, and what do the service providers say about it? More Information Spectrum Sharing 5G Spectrum sharing

Building high-performing successful teams

Hasani Jess is the UK Chief Technology Officer at Simply Business, responsible for the InsureTechs technology vision. His wide ranging expertise and forward-thinking approach enables him to devise and execute ambitious long-term technology strategies. A recognized technology thought-leader, Hasani has operated in multiple domains spanning two decades including telecoms, government, finance, healthcare and retail. In 2019 he was recognized as one of the top business leaders in technology and was named in the CIO 100...

The Surveillance Economy

An argument on tech companies on how they collect so much personal data for profit, that they’re changing the fundamentals of economies and way of life. More Information IRL Podcast Download MP3

Smart or Teched

AudiocastSmart or Teched

31 December, 20193 min

Is all this new technology improving our smart thinking or dampening it? Are all these new communication tools turning us into navel-gazing human/brand hybrids of Smart people, or are we developing a new set of senses that allow us to benefit from never severing contact with the people most important to us? Are we teched? That’s the topic of this Audiocast from the You Are Not So Smart Podcast, and to answer these questions we...