InnovationsScience Set: A STEM practice aid that enhance learning

Learning is never fun nor impactful when the knowledge makes no movement. The product contain a minimum of 40 pieces of practical science parts for the users self or guided experimentation and obervation.
18 October, 20218 min
A stem learning aid that enhance learning

A plus version known as Science Set Plus (a series of termly specific sets that provide a wide range of materials that cover up to 90% of all activities in primary and secondary science) is available at about GH₵ 50 or US$ 10. A Science Set is has a variation of level base; according to the class of the student.

Science Set Pro
Science Set Pro Available to institutions.
A glimpse at the Science Set in Video (Science Set Max in Demo)

Parts in Science Set are capable of executing Light, Electronics, Robotics, Sound, and Green Energy experiments among others. It is safe to say as far as the student and teacher or syllable’s imagination goes; whichever is considered more important.

Science Set

Science Set is made by Dext Technology at Kumasi in The Republic of Ghana, a nation on the continent of Africa. Dext Technology is an organization that develops and deploys innovative, user-friendly and affordable tools for the effective learning of basic Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

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