Nokia 3310 Resurrected

The once loved feature phone Nokia 3310 released in 2000 to boost communication in the world has come back a youth once more.

This time with radiance of color and style, Nokia 3310 Jnr as we chose to call it here at GTech Booster, is lovely and much larger than his Mama.

As anticipated for as an Android device; oh No, it finally came as a feature phone which is no different from his Mama.

The new 3310 from Nokia is still in the feature phone league but better this time. The device comes with GSM communication support for 2G with Up to 744 hours of standby time, 22 hours of talk time and 51 hours of music enjoyment.

Although the new guy is better than his Mama, he still came with support for the old Joe, WAP 2.0/xHTML browser capability which We don’t admire to the fact that Nokia could have done better.

The world is gearing up at 5G which you are a pioneer yourself. Now that said, the new guy is a much better feature handset to own. Welcome back 3310, hopefully you won’t “Shɛ akrɔmfoɔ abufu” this time. Lol 🙂