donating $2 million to Wikipedia and offering APIs, other tools donating $2 million to Wikipedia and offering APIs, other tools

After numerous appeals for funding by to users in torwards sustaining the service, the appeal has been met with a donation from, if for nothing at all this donation should sustain the service for a much greater length.

Wikipedia is leveraged throughout Google’s products from Knowledge Graph panels in Search to Assistant results on Google Home and other devices. today announced a $2 million donation to the Wikimedia Endowment, as well as making Cloud services and tools available free of charge to the site.

The two organizations share the goal of expanding access to knowledge around the globe. For Google, this is centered around its Next Billion Users initiative to make products optimized for specific markets andconditions, like limited data usage. Another barrier is language, withWikipedia this month integrating Google Translate into its article translation tool for editors.

Google made the Translate API free of charge for Wikipedia, withother projects designed to add more native language content in progress.

We will expand these programs with Wikimedia affiliatesand volunteers to provide editors with resources and insights to drivethe creation of new Wikipedia articles across 10 languages in India,Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and the Middle East and North Africa region.

Wikipedia is also using Google Cloud Custom Search API to helpeditors “ensure contributions are appropriately cited from sources” andthe Cloud Vision API to digitize Indic language public domain books tomake more diverse, reputable available sources for citation. Both toolsare also available to Wikipedia at no cost.

Meanwhile, Google’s philanthropy arm is donating $2 million to theWikimedia Endowment in order to fund long-term sustainability. In thepast, Googlers have taken to individually donating to the Foundation.

This brings our total support to more than $7.5 million,which includes an additional $1.1 million to the Wikimedia Foundationannual fund during a special campaign last year where Google employeeshelped decide where to direct Google’s donation dollars.

This renewed relationship as of late comes as Wikipedia last year was not given a heads-up about YouTube using the service to fact check videos.

Credit: 9to5Google