Apache Rya goes top level Project

Apache Rya goes top level Project

Apache Rya has become an Apache top level project. Rya is a  cloud-based big data triplestore (subject-predicate-object) database used to process queries in milliseconds.

Apache Rya was originally developed at the Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences and became an Apache project in 2015. The name stands for RDF y(and) Accumulo.

RDF (Resource Description Framework) was designed with the  goal of developing metadata for the Internet. RDF is a family ofW3C specifications used as a way to describe and model information. It is based on the idea of making statements about resources in the form <subject,predicate, object>expressions called triples.

To specify the title of the main US Naval Academy web page, you could write the triple <USNA Home, :titleOf , http://www.usna.edu/homepage.php>. RDF triple data format is useful for datasets that are diverse, such as connections between users on social media, financial data and transactions, or medical data.

Rya provides a scalable solution to store and query such data. It can store billions of linked information sets and return answers to most computer-based questions in under a second. Rya is built on top of Apache Accumulo to support SPARQL queries for RDF data. A MongoDB back-end is also implemented. Rya uses novel storage methods, indexing schemes, and query processing techniques that scale to billions of triples across multiple nodes.

Accumulo is an open-source, distributed, column-oriented store modeled after Google’s Bigtable. It provides random, realtime, read/write access to large datasets on clusters of commodity hardware. Accumulo uses Apache Hadoop Distributed File System, and provides automatic load balancing and partitioning, data compression, and fine grained security labels.

Announcing the move to a top level project, the Apache Foundation said Rya is recognized as one of the most advanced database projects in the United States Department of the Navy, powering a new generation of drones, advanced tactical communications through manned-unmanned teaming, and supporting autonomous swarms of smaller robots, among numerous other applications.

In addition, Apache Rya is being used for artificial intelligence projects involving semi-autonomous content production operations.

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