Nokia 3310 reinvented

Nokia reinventing 3310

Nokia 3310, a solid feature phone once a dominant and trusted folk in the mobile phone arena is on the verge of resurfacing in the new age. This is after its makes faces a danger of collapse in the new digital age. Nokia has been struggling lately in staying relevant in the smartphone community and keeping the once trusted brand in computing in the digital world.

3310 was released back in 2001 as a an energized replacement model to Nokia 3210, the model became a success story for the Nokia brand as the feature phone delivered value for money to the then mobile phone market. Nokia 3310 fondly referred to as; “Shษ› akrษ”mfoษ” abufu” in mid 2010 about has left its mark of quality and durability in the feature phone and voice-call devices era.

Reports emanating from the tech world is suggesting the somewhat struggling brand Nokia in the smartphone era is on the move to reinvent themselves in the smartphone era with their once valuable device trusted for its delivery, Nokia 3310 as a smartphone.

It is not clear what operating system the new 3310 would be running but our best guess is Sailfish OS or Android OS.

Nokia despite their struggle in the smartphone era still holds it mark of quality to their brand despite their pitfalls in recent time as consumer wait anxiously for the 3310 reinvention.