The art of Soldering

The art of Soldering

Soldering is a hot topic in the electronics and electrical corridors of the information worlds. Little smelting and joinery here and there results in great and super innovation of the past presence and even as of now, in the future.


Soldering was practiced as far back as 5000 years ago in Egypt which was widely performed around 4000 years ago when tin was discovered as soldering metal.

The process of soldering was introduced into the Mediterranean region, and was followed in the Roman Empire, Swiss and Hungaria. Soldering has improved innovations from culture to culture and generation to generation for which in today’s world is the best method for fabrication and assembly of microelectronics. 

The art

Soldering, a process of making a joint with a base metal of high melting point and a filer metal of lower melting point, require much patience and craftiness to produce a soldering well made. Just as every technical work, soldering has various methodologies of achieving various goals of soldering. Some of these methods are:

  • Soft Soldering
  • Hard Soldering
  • Brazzing

Basics of Soldering

Beginner’s Guide to Soldering Electronics

A practical example

Professional Hand Soldering Training – SMT, The Art of Drag Soldering and Fine-Pitch QFP

A second perspective

7) Soldering Tools and Techniques
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