The Rejuvenating Pill.

The Rejuvenating Pill.

One of the most essential components that drives Human to achieve greater heights is motivation. Yes right; the rejuvenating pill that arouse the energies in the being of the human.

Now this could be a negative energy or positive energy but the success that could be drawn from any of the kinds of motivation depends on the psychiatric of the individual to achieve.

Inspire Me is a power packed motivational android application for the achiever. Inspire Me shoots up the adrenaline hormone in you on a daily basis. You can share with you like minded circle as this often than not helps very much in making your accountability checks and balances.


  • inspiration quote for positive energy body and mind.
  • Create, share and save image quote.
  • Material designed.
  • Daily notification at 3 am with great quotes and motivational thoughts.
  • Share with friends and family via messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Email and so on.
  • Inspire Me works without the internet
  • Push Notifications
  • Home screen widget

Inspire Me‘s material design is thoughtfuly engineered to prepare you in receiving your motivation for the day.

Install yours from the Playstore or from here if you prefer it from a no need to sign in platform. Cheers to your success. Go achieve high.