Samsung officially confirm; Tizen app developer growth is exploding

South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung launched its own Operating System, Tizen OS, back in 2011 and since then, it has developed incentives to encourage developers to build apps on the Tizen platform. 

As of now, Android still dominates most of Samsung’s devices, however, the exponential growth of the Tizen OS is overwhelming and cannot be overlooked. The head of Samsung-Tizen business, Hokyu Choi recently gave some insights to the growth and development of the platform:

“We saw a lot of great interest and success with the Z series, and therefore we recently introduced Samsung Z4, a smartphone that packs powerful performance with a simple user experience. With the Z Series, Samsung is committed to providing the best mobile experience to entry level smartphone users. Through Samsung’s continuous efforts on Tizen OS, we are expanding the Tizen ecosystem globally”. 

In 2015, Samsung successfully launched Samsung Z1 and Z3 with Tizen OS in India and in 2016, it expanded Samsung Z2 in other regions such as Africa and South East Asia. Choi revealed that app developer engagement is skyrocketing and it’s currently almost four times faster than it has ever been. 

Tizen Os Smartphone Z3
Tizen Os Smartphone Z3

Samsung is providing a good benefit to its numerous patronizers by offering popular apps which are designed for local areas where Tizen phones are available. Tizen Store offers thousands of apps currently in service, including localized essential apps including IM, SNS, shopping, banks, games, etc. High-quality apps are growing rapidly through partnership and developer programs such as Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program.

Game categories are the most popular, followed by utilities, entertainment, and photo among 20 categories. Games account for 40% of Tizen Store’s Top 100 and especially customers prefer Racing and Puzzle games. Tizen mobile phones are currently spreading across the market at a fast pace in South-West Asia and Africa and will continue to expand in the future.

At present, we support SAMSUNG’s Remote Test Lab for developers who don’t have a Tizen mobile device. Developers can install or run their app through RTL without Tizen phones. With regards to this program, Choi said;

“Through this program, the developers of the top 100 most downloaded apps on the Tizen Store at the end of each month receive $10,000 each. During the last five months, over 3,000 new Tizen apps have been registered through the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program. Through the program, global developers have become interested in the Tizen mobile app, and the ecosystem is being activated. Based on this achievement, we plan to launch a Tizen ecosystem activation program continuously”

Presently, there are thousands of developers working on the Tizen platform and most of them are from India, Indonesia, and the United States. Many thanks to the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program which is scheduled to run from February to October. So far, Tizen developers have benefitted immensely from this program.

There we have it, a bright future for the mobile device and IoT markets.

Credits: Tizen Experts.