Anansi Browser

Anansi Browser is a powerful web browser developed by  Raindolf  of OasisWebsoft for the world. A portable lightweight Windows browser designed to help users navigate on the Internet in a clean and safe environment.

The browser leaves no traces in the Windows Registry and can be copied on any USB flash drive or other devices for browsing at your convenience without having to go through installation steps.

Anansi Browser gives users the flexibility to open multiple tabs, create bookmarks, view a list of recently accessed websites as well as refresh the current or active webpage. Users can perform basic editing operations (copy, paste), show or hide a virtual ruler, print webpages, and change the look of the web browser by selecting from different themes.

This browser equips users with a feature which enables users to grab images from the webpage they visit by simply specifying the target location and saving in jpeg format by default.

Anansi Browser lets you check your web browsing history and cookies; which can be deleted, use the built-in downloader for grabbing files from a user-defined URL, as well as enable your web camera to take snapshots seamlessly.

When it comes to configuration settings, users can block popups and allow friendly exceptions to run on their devices, specify the search engine, automatically download files in the background, create a list of blocked or unsafe websites or enable the phishing filter.

Anansi Browser  is still in development, yet it has a lot on the table to offer. The browser has a built in capabilities like playing music within the browser from offline music files and many others. As at 2014, The browser has recorded 1,072 downloads since launch of the browser in December 2011.  

Raindolf  of OasisWebsoft says he created the Anansi Web Browser because he

“wanted a web browser that could be the Hub for so many things like music”.

He believes that with  Africa’s unreliable internet connection,  a web browser that had offline features like the web camera and a download manager would speed up the downloads of web contents and more.

“Imagine you are downloading a 400 megabyte file which is going to take a little bit of your time depending on the speed of your internet. You can do so many things like listen to music from your PC on the same browser without paying extra bandwidth for streaming music online. I just released the Beta version of the browser and so far I’m getting a lot of good reviews and I have had over a thousand downloads.“

Raindolph Owusu – Oasis Websoft added the Anansi Browser in their software database in February 2012 had over 600 downloads with 75% of the downloads coming from outside Africa that year.

“I’m working on the full version to be released soon with less bugs and a great user experience. In the next few years when you talk of web browsers in Africa, Anansi will be the first to come in minds. I hope to find a strong and dedicated team to join me so that we could take the browser to the next level and also port it to mobile devices.” he said.

Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Microsoft’s Windows Explorer are big players in the browser space in Africa but Raindolf intends to take Anansi to the next level.  In the next few years when you talk of web browsers in Africa, Anansi will be the first to come in minds, he said.

He hopes to find a strong and dedicated team to join him to take the browser to the next level and also port it to mobile devices.

Download English GH or English US and enjoy the Anansi experience.

Anansi Browser

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