Google old and new sign-in page

The New Google sign-in page

Google has initiated a move to change the sign-in page to their services on the web. The new sign-in User Interface is tipped to have a more cleaner and simpler look whiles increasing the speed of the sign-in process.

The new sign-in User Interface is expected to be used across computers, phone, phablets and tablets providing exceptional User Experience.

The new sign-in page from Google would shows up for computers, phones, and tablets running the latest browser versions at the time of release however, users of older versions of browsers and those with JavaScript turned off, would still see the veteran interface when signing-in to a Google app or a Google service.

The new sign-in may make it a lot easier to remove one acount from the sign-in page and sign-into another which some users do not like very much.

Removing your account from the sign-in page

On your computer, sign out from your session on your browser.
Below the list of accounts, select Remove an account. Next to an account, select Remove.

Optional: If you’ve signed in on other browsers you use, repeat these steps for each of them. A new sign in page is underway to your screen soon.