Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Dreams are real, except they are always at play when you move from the conscious to the unconscious. What if I tell you a piece of cardboard coupled with your smartphone have the nerve to change the way you see things.

Oh you said No?. Well let me show you. Virtual Reality (VR) rather than dreams move your consciousness to the “consciously unconscious” mode. Funny πŸ™‚ right ?, what I am saying is; VR makes your mind see thing that are only real in the device displaying to your eyes than in your actual deposition.

VR technology is spreading rapidly, affecting everything it comes across. From filming, to treating phobia in humans. Even “lazy” investors get to sit at the comfort of their eyes in nowhere-land and view properties they are interested in at real-time vividly as if they are physically at nowhereland.
All you need are:

  1. A Smartphone with Gyroscope and Accelerometer support.
  2. A VR frame cutout cardboard and
  3. A lense

YouTube has already hooked up to it with their 360 video support. Mark Zuckeberg might be considering applying VR to facebbook ( Where users can sit an chat virtually with their friends in VR).

The not so cool scene a VR make of a person is the robot kind of human it makes a user in reality as the user is in the gadget. The technology is so subtile to the extent; it does not. Whiles there are variance of ways to experience VR, the most common means is through a headset. VR make your brains accept the artificial environment as though it is real, enjoy it safely.

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